St Edmunds Church.   Re Opening soon?

You may have heard that the Government have said churches can now open. Perhaps we should emphasise it is for private prayer only.

The Church of England have a wide range of church communities and not all of them are able to provide a safe environment for worshippers and church workers. Our diocese recognises this and supports any decision taken by the Rector and The Parochial Church Council, on their way out of lockdown.

St Edmunds has a congregation made up for the most part of people in high risk categories, either because of age or underlying health problems often a combination of both. This is also true of the people who work in the church therefore we have chosen to remain closed until we are able to open for services. We will wait then for further guidance as to opening the building daily as we used to.

This will not be just yet. We will keep you posted.

Believe us, we will.

We will be undertaking a deep clean of the premises shortly.

There are contact details on the website and on the noticeboards for anyone in need of prayer or pastoral help in any way.  Just in case, the contacts are Caroline Pye 804198 and Celia Howitt 804762 and of course the Rector herself on 804264.