Good Friday walk of witness 2020

Though as a Benefice we are unable to walk together this beautiful Good Friday morning, Bev Thouless has walked the journey and taken photographs for us to join in.

Let us all give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us as we remember those suffering today, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Let us hold them before the cross, those who care for them and those who mourn as God opens wide his embrace of love.

Revd Susan Oldham. Rector of the Benefice of Dolton, Dowland, Iddesleigh and Monkokehampton

Dear All,

I did the ‘Procession of the Cross ‘ from Dowland to Dolton on this beautiful morning. it was a very spiritual  experience, because of the meaning & spiritual reflection it encompassed. God is so close to us in nature & except for 3 cars that passed me all I could hear was the rustle of the hedgerows, the wind in the trees & birdsong.

During this dreadful worldwide pandemic it was a very surreal feeling  to be  a ‘  grain of sand ‘  on this planet,  but surrounded by such beauty. I thought of the millions living in dire circumstances that are also having to deal with this & especially those who have lost loved ones to it and been unable to comfort them.  I am thankful for my faith.

When I was a child my father worked in Hammersmith for many years & when I had a moan about something he would say ‘ just be thankful you don’t live in a tower block overlooking Hammersmith flyover, then you would have something to moan about’!  Today, I truly know what he meant.

Love to you all